Public Acquisition

In order to help you to enter a new market, the ibd company helps you to find the European tenders that will suit your vision and references. Public acquisitions are complicated and their requirements and regulations varies according to the country. The ibd company takes care of this procedure for you in the local language. Every week, we will send you proposals of European tenders which are taking place in the country you are interested in. If you decide to participate we will put together a great design team composed of local specialists and we will constitute the submission folder for you.

Selecting the right team

Once you have selected a project we will go ahead with the application procedure and we will set up your design team. We will select the right local partners (which will be already known by the client) – co-architects, engineers and other advisors- in order to give you the best chances of being selected for the Competition/Offer phase.

Making the application

When we gathered all the information that is required, we will create the application documents. Our team has a deep understanding of acquisition marketing. Our work will increase your chances to get selected by the client for the Competition/Offer phase by highlighting your references and vision according to the requirements of the client.

The Competition/Offer Phase

After applying to European tenders, you will receive an invitation in order to participate  to the competition or offer. In this phase, you will be expected to present a project vision, explain your team methodology and propose a price. The level of detail may vary according to the client’s requirements.

The ibd company will support you by understanding the requirements of the brief as well as the local regulations. The aim is to give you an insight of the cultural background in order to understand the needs of the client and users and increase your chances of winning. Together we will discuss the brief in detail as well as the cultural differences and set up a planning in order to coordinate the roles and tasks of all the advisors of the design team.

  • The ibd company will be responsible for the coordination between you and the local design team in order to help you with the language barrier and avoid any information loss.
  • We will make sure that your design proposal matches the regulations and the requirements of the brief.
  • We will help you to come up with a competitive price and negotiate the honorariums with the design team.
  • We will be in charge of the contracts and the administration papers to submit.

Once we submit the Competition/Offer we wait for the results. If we are selected for your first international project we will proceed to the next step: the Design and Build process.