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Private Acquisition

In order to help you to enter a new market, the ibd company will open the network to you and will keep you updated on the latest upcoming opportunities in the country you are interested in.

Together, we will refine your profile as a firm, understand your project vision and define your international market objectives. This will lead to setting up an international business development plan with tailored targets.

Tailoring your international business development plan

An effective acquisition begins by defining your business development and your goals to enter a new international market. Together we will decide on the country/ies you are interested in entering and we will highlight your plus value compared to the local firms. We will define the pitch that will be used in order to sell your company in the new international market and tailor it to fit the firm’s vision.

Bringing your name across the boarders

Our team will make sure that the name of your firm and your vision will be introduced to the local network by putting in place with you a marketing strategy and a pitch which will attract local clients and partners. The aim is to give you a great image abroad and get known.

Opportunities and projects

Once this process is finalised, a lot of opportunities will be presented to you. Clients and partners will want to do business with you and create beautiful projects. The ibd company will put you in contact directly with the clients or partners who plan on doing an ambitious project. From there we will make sure that you get the project and we will proceed to the Design & Build process.