Design and Build

Once you have been selected for your new international project, the ibd company will assist you throughout the Design & Build process.

Our team will ensure that the dialogue between you, the client and the local design team goes as smoothly as possible in order to make the process easy and fast as well as having ending up with a beautiful project which fulfils the requirements of the client.

The Kickoff meeting

The ibd company will organise a kickoff meeting with you in order to define the right strategy for the design & build process. Together we will plan each phases of the process in order to ensure a smooth team work.

Working together towards a great project

The ibd company will support you in every step of the way throughout the Design & Build process. Together we can discuss where our team can help you best (Communication, coordination, regulations, dialogue with the client, BIM protocol etc) in order to end up with a great project which will satisfy you and the client’s needs.